DevOps approach

Why Does Your Enterprise Need to Invest in DevOps?

A DevOps approach facilitates continuous release and deployment while ensuring quality and efficiency.  In an IT organization, It improves business agility by fostering mutual collaboration, effective communications, and integration across all global teams. Don’t you think it’s a fruitful investment for an enterprise? As per a report, in 2021, 83% of IT companies that have […]

Edtech startups

Tech Advancements that Edtech Startups Should Implement to Stay in Competition

Edtech startups are now trending news nowadays. Some are on headlines for employees’ layoffs, while others are for acquisition or permanent shutdown of their business. We all have witnessed how Edtech companies have drastically boosted their business. During the covid19 pandemic, tech giant companies were laying off their employees due to the global recession, whereas […]

Big Data

How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry.

Big Data has no doubt spread its root to the construction industry and is leveraging the workflow. The construction industry is now no more remains unexplored by advanced technologies. The advancement of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, and others has now become a trend in construction technology.  […]


The role played by Fintech in Transforming the Insurance industry

Fintech innovations are disrupting the provision of financial services, creating new opportunities, and posing new challenges for the banking industry.  Most of our debate about fintech points to banking and investment technologies, Whereas it introduced various services to help us in our day-to-day transactions.  Whether you realize it or not, has evolved new technologies that […]


What is AIOps? Is it The Future of IT Operations

AIOps stands for “Artificial intelligence for IT operation”. It is the application of AI, and related technologies, such as big data and machine learning to enhance IT operations, including event correlation, anomaly detection and casualty determination.  If you have been following the corporate IT landscape for a while, you must be familiar with several acronyms […]