August 2021
Introduction Interior design is undergoing a complete overhaul as new technologies enter the picture. As interior designers look to the future, including emerging technologies like virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, they can attract new customers and better compete with competitors. The technologies listed above provide a slightly different set of opportunities, but each of them...
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digital transformation
Introduction By 2021, our society adapting to the Covid-19, and people are gearing their priorities toward healthy living. This change is visible when seeing at how the fitness industry has emerged in the past years. Integration of Technologies and Increasing Internet usage have changed how fitness enthusiasts access fitness apps and how personal trainers and...
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Blockchain technology
Brief about Blockchains Blockchain refers to a distributed ledger that is used to record transactions between parties securely and permanently. Blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries who were previously required to act as trusted third parties to verify, record, and coordinate transactions because databases are shared among multiple parties. As a result of blockchain technology,...
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