March 2022
Apps and their impact on the Food Industry
Mobile App technology has brought a revolution in every industry. Those businesses that were giving their services only offline were now ruling online. From booking a cab to ordering food is now done through a few taps of a smartphone. The development of Apps has made the life of people easier. Nowadays, people are using...
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DevOps skill for a DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineer is now a buzzword for IT industries and career options. DevOps Engineer is one of the emerging career options to be in more demand in the upcoming days.  Looking at the effectiveness of the DevOps approach, now most IT companies have started adopting the DevOps methodology. The trend for approaching DevOps by development...
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Apps and their impact on Fashion Industry
The advent of smartphones and MobileApp in the market has brought a revolution in the Whole Industry. In recent years, the concept of business has drastically changed. Companies are now investing more in their online presence than offline. From promoting a product to its customers’ delivery, all activities are now possible through MobileApp. This phase...
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Top future devops trends
DevOps comes from the compound word development and operations that came together to form a technology that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster. Software development comprises two departments: the development team and the operation team. The development team develops the plan, designs and builds the system from the beginning and the...
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Apps and their impact on travel industry
The advancement of technology has made our life more convenient. It may be ordering food, appointing a doctor or booking a cab. With just a few taps on our smartphone, we make it done. By the implementation of AI-based websites and MobileApp, technology has not only become a one-stop solution for the user even became...
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Web 3.0 : The Next Big Thing
  Web 3.0, the third loop of the Internet, is a decentralised form of the web that will modernize the digital world and bring more transparency. This latest web version will allow users to own and sell their data to advertisers. Is it true? Welcome to the new era of the Internet. Web 3.0 has...
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