June 2022
Documentation in software testing
Software testing plays a crucial role in the software development life cycle. It focuses on the functionality of the software and ensures if there are any bugs in it. Testing at each stage of the software development cycle can crucially improve the quality, reliability and performance of the product. Software testing becomes proper when it...
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Game Development Tools
Apart from the eCommerce, travel and healthcare industry, the Video Gaming industry is another one that has drastically changed in the past few years. It has become one of the largest industries in the world, even larger than the music & movie industries. Let’s rewind to the 90s when side-scrolling platform games with limited sound...
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Essential WordPress Plugins
Plugins are probably the best part of WordPress, which help to build a dynamic website without any coding knowledge.  A plugin is a software application that prepends new features and functionality to a  WordPress website.  Plugins are the same as apps on our smartphones. Like our mobile apps give us additional features similarly, plugins provide...
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Most probably, as of now, you must have read or heard about the term “Metaverse”. Anyhow, this term is on trend in the world of the internet. Many of the world’s giant companies, including Amazon and Facebook, have already incorporated this early technology into their marketplace. In the last few years, the way of marketing...
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Decorate Your Office Desk
I want to start this blog with a question.  Which is your second home? I guess, Most of the readers reading this blog would answer ” office”. Even I would answer the same. The majority of the people who work in an office spend their maximum time on the job. It would not be wrong...
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