October 2022
Cryptocurrency, also known as crypto, is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions. In recent years, crypto has become a hot topic of conversation.  People are finding out more about it and are looking for the best trading platform for this. They want to invest their money...
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Business Intelligence vs Data Science
Business intelligence and data science are two ways of looking at the world. Often we get bewildered by these two terms. Data is no more new to any business. Almost every industry collects it, whether it’s software, pharma, automobile, retail or construction.  There is a list of several data collected by every business like their...
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AIOps stands for “Artificial intelligence for IT operation”. It is the application of AI, and related technologies, such as big data and machine learning to enhance IT operations, including event correlation, anomaly detection and casualty determination.  If you have been following the corporate IT landscape for a while, you must be familiar with several acronyms...
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