November 2022
Edtech startups
Edtech startups are now trending news nowadays. Some are on headlines for employees’ layoffs, while others are for acquisition or permanent shutdown of their business. We all have witnessed how Edtech companies have drastically boosted their business. During the covid19 pandemic, tech giant companies were laying off their employees due to the global recession, whereas...
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Big Data
Big Data has no doubt spread its root to the construction industry and is leveraging the workflow. The construction industry is now no more remains unexplored by advanced technologies. The advancement of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, and others has now become a trend in construction technology. ...
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Fintech innovations are disrupting the provision of financial services, creating new opportunities, and posing new challenges for the banking industry.  Most of our debate about fintech points to banking and investment technologies, Whereas it introduced various services to help us in our day-to-day transactions.  Whether you realize it or not, has evolved new technologies that...
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Machine Learning in Agriculture
Machine learning has disrupted the agriculture sectors in the last few years with its high-precision algorithm. If we check the past of farming in India, it’s always been challenging. When we talk about agribusiness, it’s not the hard work and dedication that will bring profit. Apart, several natural and physical factors conclude the returns. Looking...
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