Edtech startups
Edtech startups are now trending news nowadays. Some are on headlines for employees’ layoffs, while others are for acquisition or permanent shutdown of their business. We all have witnessed how Edtech companies have drastically boosted their business. During the covid19 pandemic, tech giant companies were laying off their employees due to the global recession, whereas...
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Machine Learning in Agriculture
Machine learning has disrupted the agriculture sectors in the last few years with its high-precision algorithm. If we check the past of farming in India, it’s always been challenging. When we talk about agribusiness, it’s not the hard work and dedication that will bring profit. Apart, several natural and physical factors conclude the returns. Looking...
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MVP Development
What is an MVP? Building a startup can be hard, you need to come up with an innovative product idea to make the product, and invest in marketing to deliver the product to the market. It can be a little time taking to know the user’s response and market value of your product. A minimum...
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business ideas
As we all know Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic has created a catastrophe to global economy. This is a very tough time for all the industries across the world. Thankfully, technology has allowed businesses to continue thriving even during this tough times. Some of the great innovative ideas and startups are helping us in managing...
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Startups tools 2020
Running a startup in 2020 required a lot of work, commitment, detailed planning and a great amount of effort. Building your startup or launching an online business can be challenging and required several other procedures & unavoidable costs such as registering the domain, getting a server, business name registration and the list are long. In...
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