Testing service
Are you into software testing?  Do you aware of SoapUP?  It is the world’s most widely-used automated testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs.We can’t say it is just a functional API testing tool but let us perform non-functional testing such as performance and security testing. Testifying the popularity and effectiveness of SoapUI as an...
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programming language for automation testing
No doubt At present, automation testing is on-trend and replacing the traditional Manual Testing practices within software organisations. Starting from medium-sized companies to software tech giants, all have already implemented this modern way of testing cycle into their software development process. Compared to manual testing, it is more efficient and performs better with a low...
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Documentation in software testing
Software testing plays a crucial role in the software development life cycle. It focuses on the functionality of the software and ensures if there are any bugs in it. Testing at each stage of the software development cycle can crucially improve the quality, reliability and performance of the product. Software testing becomes proper when it...
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Software Testing Trends
With the advancement of technology, there has been a drastic change in the software testing industry. There are several newly upgraded software testing trends and tools that become necessary for software organisations to adopt to prevent failure. The rise of competition in the market makes it necessary for the organisations to get their application faster...
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Agile testing, all you need to know
As the Complexity of the software development process is increasing day by day, the software testing approaches need to evolve to keep up with the development approaches. Agile testing is a new-age approach that focuses on testing smarter rather than putting a lot of effort. Yet it delivers high-quality products. So Let’s start with What...
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QA(Quality Assurance) Service
The quality of a software product defines its success, you have to test an app carefully before releasing it. An experienced development team usually do a bunch of tests before final release of the app to ensure its product quality. Below we’ll discuss the process followed by the QA(Quality Assurance) service team at Gloify. What...
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