Product Managers & UX Designers
Product Managers & UX Designers– Do you think they are similar? No, but in smaller organizations, they combine both roles into one. As teams grow, both split into more specialized responsibilities, each with its area of expertise. Although they work for the same goal, both are not equal. Both roles have their areas of expertise....
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UX designer skills
Looking at the popularity of user experience design, the need to diversify UX designer skills is essential. It’s a broad field that requires various skill sets, and it becomes vital for a UX designer to master all these skills. The role of a UX designer is to ensure users have the best possible experience when...
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Does a Good UI/UX Design Attract Customers?
Does a Good UI/UX Design Attract Customers? Ummm. Wait!.. Before I give a yes or no to this question, let’s first know what is UI and UX. What is UI? The “UI” Design stands for User “interface”. The user interface is the graphical layout of a website or application. It includes the buttons that users...
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UI/UX trends
UI/UX has an important role in the success and failure of a website.  According to a Forrester report, 97% of websites fail to perform because of bad UI/UX. User experience defines how the user will perceive your brand. 94% of users move further to the details of the website based on the design of the...
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