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Today we are going to talk about the Top-Trending Technologies that everyone is talking about and will acquire a huge market in 2018. Lets Start !!

10 – Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Any test job in a industry involves a task that is repeated in nature and can be automated. RPA allows you to do such repetitive task, hence RPA can boost overall productivity of the company by saving their time and money. Some of the features would be: NO CODE REQUIRED, AUTOMATE ANY REPETITIVE TASK & COST SAVING. It can be implemented through various tools, some of the best tools available are UiPath, blue prism and Automation Anywhere.

9 – Intelligent Apps

Popularly known as I-Apps. I-Apps are the pieces of software written for mobile devices based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for making the everyday task easier. This involves task of organizing emails, scheduling meetings etc.Some of the examples would be ChatBots and virtual assistant.

8 – Internet Of Things (IoT)

IOT is about connecting objects in your environment via intelligent sensors and enabling them to send and receive data. This includes everything from your mobile phones, refrigerator, washing machine to almost everything that you can think of. With IOT we can have smart cities with optimising traffic system, efficient waste management, and energy use. IOT is basically a giant network of connected devices all of its gathers and shares data about how they are used in the environments in which they are operated and by doing so each of your devices will be learning from the experience of other devices as human do. IOT is trying to expand interdependence of humans i.e Interact, Contribute and Collaborate to Things.

7 – Angular and React

The two most popular Javascript frameworks for creating Modern Web Applications. Using React and angular you can create highly modular applications. They both allow you to create native mobile applications with the same javascript, HTML and CSS knowledge. The best part of both of them is they both are open source with highly active community support.

6 – DevOps

DevOps is not a technology, it is a methodology that ensures that both the development and operations go hand in hand. It is a software development strategy aimed to eliminate the SILObetween development and Operations. It involves continuous development, continues testing, continues integration, continuous deployment and continues monitoring. Some of the features will be shorter software development life cycles, improved quality of software produced, improved work environment etc. Popular tools of DevOps are git, jerkins, puppet, docker, stack and many more.

5 – Cloud Computing

It is one of the most trending technology as it allows the company to save a lot of money and simplifies the life of a user. Day by day the companies are shifting their infrastructure to the cloud, the reason for that is it is very fast and scalable, access from anywhere, no upfront cost and provides better security. Some of the providers of the cloud services in the market are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Sales Force, IBM, Google etc.

4 – Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that user suspends belief and accept it as a real environment. VR is a computer-simulated environment that you can walk around and interact with. Similarly, Augmented Reality combines virtual reality with the real world in the form of live video imaginary. Both of these AR and VR has numerous Real life applications for example like famous game POKEMON GO uses AR technology.

3 – Big Data

Big data has affected the IT landscape beyond any imagination. Big data refers to a problem that is associated with processing and storing different types of data. Most of the companies in today world rely on big data analytics to gain huge insight into their customer, product research, marketing initiatives and many more. It can be used in many domains such as in Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Banking and Finance and many more.

2 – BlockChain

BlockChain is the technology that runs BITCOIN. BITCOIN is the world’s first digital cryptocurrency and that is the future of the economy. Some of the features that BlockChain technology has are Distributed Data Storage, Hash Encryption, Consensus Mechanism, Immutability.

1 – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is not something new. It was coined for the first time in the year 1952 by John McCarthy, but due to lack of data and computing power it wasn’t feasible at that time, but now with enormous amount of data and great computing power, AI is possible and especially with the advent of technology like deep learning and machine learning. AI is basically creating intelligent software, making a machine that is smart, a machine that has the power to think, analyze and make decisions based on a huge amount of data that we have.Some of the Applications that AI is being used in are Education, Aviation, Finance, HealthCare etc.


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