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About This Project

Arrivae offers a customised interior solution for homes by the finest architects and interior designers. Gloify research and discovery started with one-on-one shadowing and interviews with Arrivae team and stakeholders to understand their business goal and requirements. The customer needed a management system to handle and manage people with a single platform, together with manager,  designer and customer. Including accounting and invoicing feature to create billing for the customer and provide a quotation.

ScopeInterior Designing

Result Driven

After gathering requirements, the main idea was to develop a fully customized software suite to provide an interior design solution integrated with the financial system.

interior designing


Setting up the smart goal that has a much greater chance of being accomplished. Our objective was to develop a single platform to deal with all the procedure and deal with every one of the workers and their errand. We came across this solution to develop a  system from where the client can manage all the process, handle and track all the ongoing process. And we created a list of features that required for the customer plus having overall pictures of the project.


We knew that the user experience was the most significant component in what we’d be building, and everything from design to development would support that. We went through numerous design explorations in the early days of the project As per the client requirement, we developed a customized software suite.

Along with integrating billing systems, developers created a customized CRM tool for user management, customized PPT tool for creating personalised presentations.


We have developed a customized system with all features as per client requirements. Multi-functional admin dashboard for site holders that allows them to manage users and projects, filtering options, and others. The client has been very happy with the result. Currently, we are working on improving performance and adding more features to the system.