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About This Project

Mintifi is India’s one of the first online lending platforms, which provides different loan products to small and medium-size businesses. This project purpose was to automate the Loan management system for creating customer profiles and accepting loan applications,  providing credit reports by integration with the third party.

ScopeFintech, Lending

Result Driven

We adopted innovative ways to enhance reach with result oriented approach to simplify the loan borrowing process for businesses. We revamp the process and build an alternative solution for money lending. An application that would make the credit process easier and more accessible for small and medium enterprises.



The project comprises of two major parts: a client confronting site and an organization board for administrators to screen client action and arrange Configuration settings. Our specialized help overcame the difficulties and structure of their work process. We built up a CAM stage that gives numerous helpful instruments to assess the borrower credit rating and give a report dependent on numerous online assessments.

Our experience working with the fintech industry has enabled us to build our and solutions in strategy to meet all specific requirements. Technology and support that help our clients with their lending platform to provide service across the country.


According to the client’s requirement, we built up a coordinated credit platform with a corporate infrastructure, which integrates monetary information, automates the information board and supports decisionmaking.

  • Automated the path of loan applications
  • An online standardized analytic platform for credit analysis.
  • Implemented digital imaging techniques to scale down the delay in handling paper documents
  • Enabled the integration with the different lender's system.


Gloify team made several improvements on all aspects of the system, from the user interface and data presentation to functional capabilities and system performance. We provided the customized fintech solution to the client considering security, performance, development time and scalability as the key objectives. Agile strategies and practices by our team help our customers and accomplices to remain concentrated on the most significant business part. Our development approach has helped our clients in keeping the cost low and meeting tight deadlines.