November 19, 2018 | Abhishek Rao

Today’s tech-driven world. Every industry is radically changed by technology, with emerging solutions for new uses and an appetite for simple access offers, the choice of programming language is an important factor in a business application project, and business leaders are making it the focal point of their companies. Presently, the number of programming languages are there and the future of coding requires more stability and practices so we can create more innovations using these technologies. The advanced approaches include more structure and abstraction, allowing the languages to do what programmers used to have to do themselves.

Here the 5 most emerging programming languages-

  1. Python

Python was designed by a Dutch programmer, Guido Van Rossum. Python has tremendously outraced the other different programming languages. There is a sudden rise in Python because of the continued growth and demand for machine learning may be driving the popularity of Python. It is the preferred language for many developing applications based on big data analytics.

This language has two main advantages simplicity and flexibility. Its straightforward syntax and use of indented spaces make it easy to learn. Python grew in popularity by about 5,000 job postings over 2017 and career opportunities associated with Python have also grown significantly as its popularity has increased by 40 %.

There are many global companies like Netflix, IBM, and hundreds of other companies use Python. Surprisingly, one of the biggest tech company Google uses Python for their numerous applications and has a full devoted portal to Python.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript has gained the popularity and becomes one of the prominent programming languages in the world.  It ranks number 1 on GitHub in terms of pull requests and plays a major role in the web.

JavaScript allows developers to develop interactive pages and can work as both a procedural and object-oriented language. It can also be used to develop apps for mobile devices. JavaScript can be used to develop apps that are simple and fast.

All leading web browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari and FireFox are built with JavaScript, the scripting language of the World Wide Web. Almost every website incorporates some element of JavaScript to add to the user experience.

  1. Ruby

Ruby is considered to be a user-friendly and a dynamic, open source programming language. It is as demanding as Python and one of the fastest growing programming languages. It ranks ninth on Tiobe index, and forth on GitHub.

Ruby has an incredibly simple syntax.  It simplifies the repetitive tasks and allows a developer to do more with less code. It is quite easy and fast to develop projects as there are a large number of open source code available within the community.

Rails, a full-stack web application framework that runs Ruby. And getting a web application up-and-running takes less time than in other frameworks and good for rapid application development as it makes it easy to accommodate changes in the same. Ruby is one of the most popular languages among tech startups and many big companies like Airbnb, Twitch, GitHub, and Twitter have been built on Ruby.

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  1. Swift

Swift which has similarities to other modern languages like Ruby and Python, was introduced at Apple’s WWDC conference in 2014. Apple made the language open source in December 2015 under the Apache license, helping it to gain huge popularity within the developer community.

Swift fully implied that it would replace the Objective-C for iOS development and created to make development for iOS devices easier.

Swift is considered to be extremely user-friendly and the industrial-quality systems programming language. It supports playgrounds, a feature that allows programmers to experiment with the code and see the results promptly, without the overhead of building and running an app.

  1. Kotlin

Kotlin was created by Russian software development company, JetBrains. It has been around for about five years, it is a statically-typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine and can be compiled to JavaScript source code.

Kotlin is the 3rd most popular development platform behind Windows desktop and Linux, according to StackOverflow. It was also named an official development language for the Android platform that can also compile down into JavaScript, making it highly adaptable for both front and backend development.

Kotlin is in use at Pinterest, Uber, Evernote, and Coursera and expects to hear a lot more about Kotlin in the coming years.

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Programming languages are the reasons behind the innovations in information technologies and it is important for learning to innovate, create eco-friendly solutions for global problems. Here at Gloify, we have the best and most professional developers skilled in various programming languages and IT experts to convert your ideas into product. For more information check out our portfolio.


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September 12, 2018 | Abhishek Rao

We are living in an era of continuous emerging technology world, and everyday technology is heading to its next level of innovation.  Every day our many small tasks depend on technology from booking our cab to ordering our food from the favourite restaurants, and many more.  But what if we don’t have to worry about doing these tasks by ourselves when every particular task will be done by our virtual assistants. That is the promise behind the bots technology.

Bots are a software application developed with Artificial Intelligence technology that can complete different tasks in an automated way, without the human intervention. Such as making your reservation in restaurants, reminding you of your appointments. These virtual assistants can answer questions and help you get things done faster without needing to speak to another human.

The most increasing form of bots that we can find are chatbots and we often find these, live inside in many messaging apps. These chatbots are designed in a way to provide a quick and useful answer to user questions to give the user a feeling that they are chatting with a human.

The boats we’re talking about being much like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant which can communicate through chat or speech. These virtual assistants are smart to enough to help us with small tasks and answers to our questions like weather information, adding reminders to the calendar, searching our queries on search engines and many more things that these bots can perform.

Apart from these virtual assistants, bots are using many other forms, search engines like Google broadly use bots as web crawlers, to analyze content and index the web. Social bots like Twitterbot is used to produce automated posts on the Twitter.

Bots technology is making a far-reaching impact. AI and bots are the future of business and each representing technological advances. It will bring changes to the various aspects of the businesses, changing the way companies interact with their clients. As of now, bots run as isolated scripts on a website or in messing apps.

No longer have bots come to be seen as agents similar to human to handles bots the same way as human staff, in contact centers and other job roles.

At Gloify we flourish with technology and believes that the new evolution of technology will make our lives more efficient and this advanced machines will help us to make our work better and faster. We follow the trend and we are ready to go with the advanced technology by providing services in bots technology with our expertise & skilled team of developers. We have been developing various applications with different technology, for more information check out our portfolio.

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June 14, 2018 | Abhishek Rao

A year back Gloify begins as product development startup in Bangalore, which has now transformed into full-fledged IT and Software development organization. With the growing technology and opportunities, we have a team of engineers and entrepreneurs from IIT with a strong background in product development, building large scale systems, research in state-of-the-art machine learning and analytics in market intelligence.

Our team of experts has specialized in different areas to meet the requirements in different projects, with their collective experiences managed to bring in the right kind of leadership and expertise that is required to grow a company and convert it into a bankable brand.

The world of internet is turned in to the small global village with its advanced technologies, and we have all latest and innovative technologies Frameworks and Software architecture to provide extensive and quality development services to our clients and identify the exact requirements of the client and develop the product with the great strategy and planning.

Our areas of expertise range across the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from architectural design, software development, unit and integration testing and implementation, for a variety of applications including Web Applications, UI/UX, Rails Development, MVP Development, and JS Development

We Maintain an Effective Culture at Workplace:

The work culture at our organization is a combination of qualities that offer a positive ambiance and a healthy work environment that leads to satisfied our employees and help them increase their productivity. We are very partial when it comes to treating our employee and we treat each employee as one.

We praise employees on their every small to big achievement at work by giving them a pat on their back. We have employee friendly policies and practical guidelines and everyone has the liberty to express their views and we appreciate them for their ideas & contribution towards work.

We promote team building to bind the employees together. Clarity of mission, vision, and values and whether they honestly reflect the beliefs and philosophies of your organization

Our Latest Projects

Online Marketplace platform for freight:  

It is a marketplace platform for the fleet operator and shippers for making their shipment daily loads for easy through this convenient platform.

Sales Platform:    

It is a comprehensive, data-driven sales readiness platform on the market, and it offers a modern, engaging experience of on-boarding boarding, microlearning, and skills development.

E-commerce Platform:   

It is a fantastic platform designed for all your pet needs. Where pet parents can purchase food and accessories for their pets.

Online home interior design:  

It is an interior design marketplace, and it was established to connect the end customer with the designer.


Fintech is multi-role fully enabled company of our client that providing a working capital loan to SME borrowers.

Inventory and Billing Software:

It is a Smart Cloud-based Invoicing and Inventory application with an easy to use interface and advanced data.

Logistic Software:

This is a logistic Software Platform that includes Cargo Partner, This platform gives an end to end solution for logistic needs which includes Real-time tracking, smart route optimization.

Hosteling Industry:  

A unique housing concept created for students, moving to a new place to pursue their dreams.                          


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January 23, 2018 | Abhishek Rao

Today we are going to talk about the most Trending Technologies that everyone is talking about and will acquire a huge market in 2018. Lets Start !!

10 – Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Any test job in a industry involves a task that is repeated in nature and can be automated. RPA allows you to do such repetitive task, hence RPA can boost overall productivity of the company by saving their time and money. Some of the features would be: NO CODE REQUIRED, AUTOMATE ANY REPETITIVE TASK & COST SAVING. It can be implemented through various tools, some of the best tools available are UiPath, blue prism and Automation Anywhere.

9 – Intelligent Apps

Popularly known as I-Apps. I-Apps are the pieces of software written for mobile devices based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for making the everyday task easier. This involves task of organizing emails, scheduling meetings etc.Some of the examples would be ChatBots and virtual assistant.

8 – Internet Of Things (IoT)

IOT is about connecting objects in your environment via intelligent sensors and enabling them to send and receive data. This includes everything from your mobile phones, refrigerator, washing machine to almost everything that you can think of. With IOT we can have smart cities with optimising traffic system, efficient waste management, and energy use. IOT is basically a giant network of connected devices all of its gathers and shares data about how they are used in the environments in which they are operated and by doing so each of your devices will be learning from the experience of other devices as human do. IOT is trying to expand interdependence of humans i.e Interact, Contribute and Collaborate to Things.

7 – Angular and React

The two most popular Javascript frameworks for creating Modern Web Applications. Using React and angular you can create highly modular applications. They both allow you to create native mobile applications with the same javascript, HTML and CSS knowledge. The best part of both of them is they both are open source with highly active community support.

6 – DevOps

DevOps is not a technology, it is a methodology that ensures that both the development and operations go hand in hand. It is a software development strategy aimed to eliminate the SILO between development and Operations. It involves continuous development, continues testing, continues integration, continuous deployment and continues monitoring. Some of the features will be shorter software development life cycles, improved quality of software produced, improved work environment etc. Popular tools of DevOps are git, jerkins, puppet, docker, stack and many more.

5 – Cloud Computing

It is one of the most trending technology as it allows the company to save a lot of money and simplifies the life of a user. Day by day the companies are shifting their infrastructure to the cloud, the reason for that is it is very fast and scalable, access from anywhere, no upfront cost and provides better security. Some of the providers of the cloud services in the market are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Sales Force, IBM, Google etc.

4 – Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that user suspends belief and accept it as a real environment. VR is a computer-simulated environment that you can walk around and interact with. Similarly, Augmented Reality combines virtual reality with the real world in the form of live video imaginary. Both of these AR and VR has numerous Real life applications for example like famous game POKEMON GO uses AR technology.

3 – Big Data

Big data has affected the IT landscape beyond any imagination. Big data refers to a problem that is associated with processing and storing different types of data. Most of the companies in today world rely on big data analytics to gain huge insight into their customer, product research, marketing initiatives and many more. It can be used in many domains such as in Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Banking and Finance and many more.

2 – BlockChain

BlockChain is the technology that runs BITCOIN. BITCOIN is the world’s first digital cryptocurrency and that is the future of the economy. Some of the features that BlockChain technology has are Distributed Data Storage, Hash Encryption, Consensus Mechanism, Immutability.

1 – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is not something new. It was coined for the first time in the year 1952 by John McCarthy, but due to lack of data and computing power it wasn’t feasible at that time, but now with enormous amount of data and great computing power, AI is possible and especially with the advent of technology like deep learning and machine learning. AI is basically creating intelligent software, making a machine that is smart, a machine that has the power to think, analyze and make decisions based on a huge amount of data that we have.Some of the Applications that AI is being used in are Education, Aviation, Finance, HealthCare etc.

By this, we come to an end of 10 Technologies that you can boost you up in 2018 !! Good Luck !!

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