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Ruby was developed in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto, as an object-oriented scripting language, which was more robust and flexible than either Python or Perl. The release of the Rails framework in 2004 catapulted Ruby to fame outside Japan and since then a passionate open-source community has developed. Today the language is used in production at many tech companies. Rails, a server-side web application framework is a model-View controller Framework, providing default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.

Ruby on Rails Developers at Gloify

The Ruby on rails development team at Gloify in Bangalore, have been pioneers in making innovative and world class web applications. With over 10 Years of experience with this technology Gloify Developers can create a wide range of Rails Applications in a given amount of time. We believe in following Agile Software Development Methods, like Scrum and Extreme Programming and love adding to open source. The Advantage of using Ruby on rails technology stack incorporates bring down expenses with fast development, an astounding help from open source groups with huge amount of Gems and Plugins available.

Our developers at Gloify have expertise in all Ruby on Rails related technologies which includes :

  • Relational Database ( MySql, Sql, PostgressSql ).
  • NoSql database Management
  • NodeJs Libraries
  • FrontEnd Technologies ( AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS etc )
  • GIT and WebSockets

We give the most inventive Ruby on Rails Software Development:-

With great experienced Rails Developers, UX and UI Designers, who design great User Interface, FrontEnd Developers and QA engineers there is no doubt that every new project we take up, we want it to be our best. Our team at Bangalore follows Programming Methodology, along with continuous integration , Test Driven Development among other programming paradigms.

We use our Rails knowledge in several industry vehicles like

  1. Rails Custom Development and Software Development
  2. RoR web based Application
  3. Architecture Re-Design and improvement
  4. Solving Scalability, usability and security issues
  5. E-Commerce Website Development
  6. Rails support and Maintenance

Our team combines the Ruby on Rails framework with a myriad of other technologies in order to provide you with a system that suits your needs. Checkout our portfolio of the work that is done with Ruby on Rails. Contact us for a free RoR consultation.

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