Angular Web Development

Gloify specialises in the development of scalable products and solutions using Angular JS and other JS frameworks such as Ember.JS, Backbone JS and Node.JS, be it for web or mobile cross-platform apps.

Why prefer AngularJS development for your Mobile and Web applications

  • Simple architecture
    AngularJS development is considered as the simpler design architecture which is used nowadays and easy to catch up for any developers and enhance the features to an extent which the client requires. It works extremely well when it comes to managing the heavy web applications that contain a number of components and complex requirements
  • Improved Design Architecture
    Some large application contains a bulk of components numbers more than 60. AngularJS makes it easy to manage them even after a new programmer joins the project in the middle of the process. The architecture is built in a way which helps the programmer to locate and develop the code without any difficulty.
  • A Declarative User Interface
    When you are utilizing an interface written in JavaScript, then HTML code bolsters that interface. AngularJS utilizes HTML to define apps UI. With HTML, the app development is simplified. So you should simply characterize the necessities and let AngularJS do alternate occupations of an interface.
  • Lesser timeline
    AngularJS is the latest technology which is derived from HTML and hence developers won’t require much time to code the entire application. Creating new web apps with AngularJS is so easy and too quick with less effort. One can easily get started with it. With a few attributes added to the HTML code, a simple app can be built extremely fast.
  • Lesser code and increased development efficiency
    Lesser coding only required and hence developers can focus more on the efficiency of the application instead of writing just codes. Once the feature has caught is the developer’s mind, it is easier to put code lines and give better results for your business.
  • Code Reusability
    Helps developers to reuse the same chunk of code written before. Thus, saves time and makes AngularJS a unique framework for the developers.
Why choose Gloify for AngularJS development?

We have the best Angular JS development team. Our experienced OOJS team (Object Oriented JavaScript) has expertise in all the Angular JS related technologies, including the following –

  • Extensive experience in MVC Javascript frameworks like Angular JS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, etc
  • Fully working chat solution using Angular JS and Firebase.
  • Full stack cross-platform mobile app development, using ionic.
  • REST API driven, complex single page web application development with MongoDB on the backend.