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Gloify UX Design – The Right Approach

We take a lean approach to enhance the design. In lean, we do a quick series of user tests, come up with user stories and remove unwanted bugs.

A lean approach to UX Design:

1. Focuses on meeting the actual needs of your end users through validation and testing. It also eliminates clutter, paving the path for delightful user experience.

2. We avoid documentation that anybody reads.

3. Takes the iterative/agile approach that doesn’t require you (the client) to define the product from the start.


The Gloify UX Design Methodology

We follow a thorough design process as below:


We answer a fundamental question first: who are the users and what are their goals? The goals of the organization almost always get fulfilled by focusing on user needs.


Once we know what you want from the application, we research the market for products that are your direct and indirect competition. We need to understand what works and what does not. These insights help us craft the right User Experience with clear differentiators from the competition.


We begin with the User and create wireframes marking the interactions of the user in each of the screens. The main goal of this exercise is to meet user needs through the shortest and most intuitive path possible. We create separate workflows or stories for different user goals and craft a solution that meets all the goals intuitively (often delightfully so). We validate these wireframes with the actual users of the application. We keep refining the wireframes till both you and us are satisfied with the workflows and interactions.


We define the style guides, typography and icons in this stage. We show you 3 screens of different complexities that sufficiently define the look and feel of the final designs. If we would like something to be changed with respect to the visual design, we incorporate those suggestions at this juncture. The remaining screens are a derivative of these designs. If we are doing the development too, we craft a prototype app with these designs highlighting the aforementioned interactions too.


Our design team designs all the screens take the client approval and create assets for the different devices and resolutions that need to be supported. Our development team works in parallel to code the application. We focus on shipping fast and letting the rubber hit the road to gain valuable user feedback. Most product development cycles have a long roadmap. Our build fast, ship fast methodology allows for ample opportunity to accommodate user feedback into the application with the launch of a very first version of the app.


Most mobile apps, unlike web apps, focus on achieving a small piece of functionality well. It is difficult for the users of the application to decide if their needs are met satisfactorily (or delightfully) until they actually use the app. We observe how users interact with the application and take notes on how well the user needs are being satisfied. This paves way for the next version of the application.

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